Applying for SCE Rebates

Zero Energy

SCE stands for Southern California Edison and it is known for helping everyone in saving energy and money simultaneously by installing energy-efficient materials. The company is also in the mission to promote an eco-friendly environment and help some who want to reduce their energy consumption. Due to this, they have designed SCE rebates for those who have already installed the materials that are energy-efficient.If you are interested about SCE rebates and you want to apply, there are steps you should consider for you to be qualified. Anyone can apply by mail or online. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any options you want as long as you experience convenience.

One of the steps you should follow when applying for SCE rebates is to read the terms and conditions. You will also need to read the requirements and rebates’ rules. The reason why you have to read these is that you will gain knowledge regarding how the SCE rebates work. Also, you will know what it takes for you to be qualified. Bearing in mind the provided information stated on the requirements, rebates, and terms and conditions is the key for you to be qualified. Through these, you will now be able to prepare the documents required for you to acquire the rebate.

Zero Energy CoThe next step is to consider buying the products that qualitfy. Then, install them within a particular period of time. The qualifying products should be installed prior to submitting your application. Then, fill out the needed forms. In these forms, you will have to fill out the qualified item’s cost and several personal information. It is also essential to read the directions first before filling out the forms. This will allow you to know which information is needed for you to complete the form. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that rebates are only available for the attached multi-family homes, mobile homes, existing homes, and condominiums. The newly built homes do not qualify.

SCE rebates are no doubt beneficial. If you still can’t understand the process or steps to apply for these, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals from SCE. They are always prepared to offer you answers for your problems. Plus, they know everything you need for you to be qualified and enjoy SCE rebates. What you only have to do is to call the SCE customer service and determine the things that you must prepare for you to enjoy savings while living this eco-friendly environment.